A very high quality recording straight  from the 3LO desk. (studio 302 at the time) recorded on
a Rola Mk 3 on five seven inch reels. Unfortunately reel four of  five is missing, if i ever find it
i will add it the file. Levels are all over the place as this recording is taken off before any  limiting
at the transmitter. A talk with Terry Lane at 96 mins in.  Any way most of the show from the 20/10/1977.

Another HiQuality session all 116 minutes of it recorded at Broadcast house in Jan 1978 on a
Tandburg  1/4 track machine.

Some edited bits from a show in 18/1/ 1980. Includes some news bulletins

Some Some more various Breakfast shows .

Some Evans Show recorded by Mr Branch NEW.

Some Airchecks mainly the talking bits NEW.

Shilburger Hospital Interview.Shilburger Talks to Evans In Hospital Not Long Before He Dies

3LO Tribute Program.Tribute Programe On 3LO shortly After His Death

Evans The Wireless.Cassette Produced By The ABC on Evans. There Was a Book Also.

Terry Laidler and Clark Sinclair On EvansRetrospective look at Evans with Listener Call Back

More On Air TributesMontage of news and tributes from other programs

Evans Funeral. As Recorded Off 3LO


A link to the late Tony Sanderson's Bluehaze Multimedia old radio pages (page 2 of 3)
Scroll down to the Peter Evans section. Only the Mp3 downloads work.
This site is being kept up even though Tony died in June 2006.

Film items on Evans, First some short segs from a programe on trains
(anyone got the outs) and  a  Black and White story  "Dinner With The Evans"

More Australian Old Radio Recordings Oz Radio Archives .