The Triumph Of Early Electric Recording, Hits From 1925 to 1935.

The Mid 1920's to the mid 1930's was a time of great cultural change along with a massive push in technology greater than occurring now. Popular music was developing into forms never heard before and forming the basis of a lot of what would become the modern styles. Also after a lot of work an electric recording system was released that was a dramatic improvement over Acoustic recording. Most 78's people have heard have been played hundreds of times on bad equipment and most of the quality has been ripped out of them. To hear pristine or well preserved records of the time is quite astounding and speaks well of the engineering practice of the time.

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          I have avoided over processed transfers and prefer a bit of noise over horrible digital artifacts unless it is an extremely interesting selection. I have sourced these records from various youtube sites from those who have taken a great interest and spent a lot of time in preserving this history. Credits go to. Prozoot, great collection of un played records of amazing quality. Jonathan Holmes, collector from the UK. Robert Godridge also from UK Tim Grayck a very varied collection. And others i shall mention.