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Direct off Acetate Discs from the VK3KMS Archives

I have not got the time or skills to make up a proper page with hundreds of links to these recordings so i am just pointing to the raw file directory and you can grab them from there. The files are 128kb MP3's of about 25meg each.

17 episodes of D24

10 episodes of Criminal Investigation Bureau

4 episodes of Address Unknown

3 episodes of Adventure Into Fear

1 A Time To Tell "The Radio Inspector"

One Dangerous Assignment

2 Dragnets

7Eps of Life With Dexter

10Eps of Nightbeat

1 Pickabox

1 Ampol Show

1 Caltex Show

2Eps so far of Lord Peter Wimsey

1 Taubmans Show

1 George Wallace Show Show

1 Lux Show

3 Ford Shows

2 Cashmere Shows

2 3AW Pepsodent Shows

3 eps I Hate Crime

5 eps Fish Tales

1 Beyond Midnight

3 eps Police Files

The Preasurepack Show With Jack Davy

Valmorgan Cinema Adds

Much Much More To Follow.