Early Jazz and Dance Acoustic Recordings In Enhanced Quality

There was such interesting music recorded between the late 19teens and the introduction of electric recording in 1925. Many styles had come and gone by the electric age and the only audible memory is on honky narrow band recordings. This is the evolution of modern music but i often could not listen to it as the sound was so lacking. The main problem is an almost complete lack of information below 200Hz where most of the energy of popular music is. I had come across a few very rare examples where for some reason due to resonance in the system somewhere real bass was recorded. The difference is astounding,a bit of bass and the other short comings of the recording to a large extent are forgotten.

If only the Bass end could be added, it can not be restored as the system was a perfect band pass filter and apart from rumble there is no music content there. I am still experimenting and some of the examples are a bit overdone or have some aliasing effects but most are quite good and i find them a lot more fun to listen to. It would be interesting for others to also experiment with this. Basically i drop the pitch and then low pass filter it and add it to the original,all done in Audacity and i can process a file in 30 seconds.

The original files come from some of the premier quality 78 sites on Youtube. I could not do this work without the excellent transfers from these people. If you want to hear the originals you can go to the sites . The last letters in the file name refer to the sites concerned.

tg Tim Gracyk. rg Robert Godridge. grz Grzegorz 240252.

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