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[DIR] Parent Directory 21-May-2018 05:35 - [SND] Admiral Radios.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:02 386k [SND] Argus Newspapers.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:02 451k [SND] Aspro.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:03 555k [SND] Australian Road Saft..> 05-Apr-2013 19:03 246k [SND] Australian Road Saft..> 05-Apr-2013 19:03 897k [SND] B&D Rollerdoor.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:04 457k [SND] BP Petrolium.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:06 888k [SND] Baker Boy.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:04 382k [SND] Bank Of New South Wa..> 05-Apr-2013 19:04 391k [SND] Barcellona.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:05 466k [SND] Bethal Tablets.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:05 336k [SND] Biddy Peas.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:05 478k [SND] Blue Clinic.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:05 613k [SND] Briquettes.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:06 255k [SND] Brown Gouge.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:06 410k [SND] Brylcream.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:07 413k [SND] Buckley's Canadiol 1..> 05-Apr-2013 19:18 415k [SND] Buckley's Canadiol 2..> 05-Apr-2013 19:18 953k [SND] Budget Rent A Car.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:18 329k [SND] Butter Menthols.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:19 441k [SND] Cadbury's .mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:19 401k [SND] Castrol Oil.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:20 627k [SND] Census Day.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:19 242k [SND] Ceylon Tea.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:09 967k [SND] Chicola.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:09 598k [SND] Coka-Cola.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:10 682k [SND] Colgate Toothpaste.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:10 404k [SND] Commandomatic.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:10 414k [SND] Commonwealth Bank.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:10 414k [SND] Coppertone 1.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:11 476k [SND] Coppertone 2.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:11 485k [SND] Dawn Beauty Soap.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:11 760k [SND] Deep Heat.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:12 392k [SND] Dollar Bill.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:12 476k [SND] Dr. Scholl's.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:12 707k [SND] Edgell.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:12 504k [SND] Electrolux.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:13 399k [SND] Esso Petrol.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:13 378k [SND] Fab Laundry Powder.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:13 391k [SND] Fiat Tractors.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:14 962k [SND] Ford Pills 1.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:14 256k [SND] Ford Pills 2.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:14 447k [SND] Four Square.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:14 471k [SND] Fridgidaire.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:14 400k [SND] GPO Careers.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:24 935k [SND] Gas Cookers.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:23 726k [SND] Glo Weave.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:23 403k [SND] Golden Fleece Petrol..> 05-Apr-2013 19:23 408k [SND] Golden Fleece Petrol..> 05-Apr-2013 19:23 465k [SND] Good Year Tyres.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:24 704k [SND] Griffith's Sweets.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:25 445k [SND] HMV Radios.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:29 1.7M [SND] Holden.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:25 700k [SND] Holeproof.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:26 344k [SND] Hoyt's Movies.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:26 491k [SND] Hutton's Hams.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:27 430k [SND] IC Pota.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:27 408k [SND] Ice.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:28 936k [SND] Kleenheat Gas.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:28 211k [SND] Kolotex.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:29 500k [SND] Linderman's wines.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:29 447k [SND] Loveable 1.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:29 498k [SND] Loveable 2.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:29 440k [SND] Lucus Batteries.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:30 293k [SND] Lunar Park.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:30 276k [SND] Marlbrough.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:30 447k [SND] McEwan's.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:31 929k [SND] Milk.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:31 885k [SND] Minties.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:31 587k [SND] Neptune Petrol.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:32 398k [SND] Nuggat.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:32 134k [SND] Nutravite.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:32 479k [SND] Oil Heat.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:32 373k [SND] Pepsie.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:33 482k [SND] Peters Icecream.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:33 495k [SND] Protex.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:33 454k [SND] Pymm's.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:33 398k [SND] Robur Tea.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:34 668k [SND] Rural Bank.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:34 227k [SND] SEC Electric Cooking..> 05-Apr-2013 19:34 412k [SND] STC Radios.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:35 582k [SND] Shell Oil 1.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:34 407k [SND] Shell Oil 2.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:34 319k [SND] Stamco Washers.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:35 944k [SND] Sunbeam Chicken.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:36 380k [SND] Sunsilk.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:36 196k [SND] TAA 1.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:37 1.6M [SND] TAA 2.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:37 990k [SND] Tarax 2.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:37 418k [SND] Tarax.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:37 397k [SND] Taubmans.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:38 461k [SND] Tuckerbox.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:38 441k [SND] Turbin Coffee.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:38 188k [SND] Vegemite.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:38 693k [SND] Victorian Railways.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:38 362k [SND] Vincents Powders.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:38 385k [SND] Vinex.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:39 384k [SND] Vitablain.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:39 407k [SND] Whites Shoes.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:39 722k [SND] Wrigley's Gum.mp3 05-Apr-2013 19:39 554k [SND] niggerboy.mp3 06-Apr-2013 23:03 629k